Nobu Nori Pro Model - "Lil Match"

€49,95 49,95

The Nobu Nori Pro Model, aka #LILMATCH mod, is as refreshing as it is honed. This Kendama features a crisp yellow and blue wave around the tama inspired by one of Nobu’s favorite soft drinks in his home country, Japan. There is also a white dot on top of the tama for precision tracking. Coated in kaizen silk paint, the beechwood #NOBUMOD tama is paired with a maple Shift Shape ken. The sarado features a magatama design in the small cup, plus a tracking mark design under each cup. Nobu is the first Japanese Kendama USA pro, ever. His pro model represents his style, country, and passion for Kendama. A portion of every sale goes to directly support Nobu Nori himself.

  • Maple wood, SHIFT Shape ken
  • Beechwood tama
  • Tracking dot on top of the tama
  • Blue and Yellow silk paint color tama design
  • Custom wave design on the Ken with tracking points under the cups

Each Pro Model includes an extra long replacement string, spinner bearing, instructional guide, stringing tool & custom pro stickers.