BLK - Tuned Gen 2 - The Cylon

€49,95 49,95

Limited edition

Tuned Gen 2 has got a brand new ken, with premium cups that are slightly larger than the regular cups.

The new Gen 2 also has slightly larger rings on its ken to get a better feel both when you make a throw for a ken flip and when you land it.

Tuned is made for the coolest tricks. It is designed to be the best kendama you have ever tried. With deeper cups, a balance hole in the base cup and an ultra lightweight ken, you can make triple whirlwinds and late double kenflips so much easier. It also has a brand new hole for the string, this is what BLK calls Groove string hole. To be able to do better lighthouse tricks and easier multi-turn airplanes. Tama is also designed to fit extremely well when doing tricks like Bird, Hand Stall and Wing. It is also tied up with a Dama Mods spinner which makes this tama spin really neat and fast! This is a must have for all kendama players in their collection!