Dylan Westmoreland Pro Model - Maple -Super Stick - 2019 Release - #Dwestymod

€49,95 49,95

Dylan Westmoreland is a Kendama USA Pro!

Dwesty's Pro Model is made from maple wood and features the Shift kendama shape. The inspiration behind Dylans tama's design comes from his love of baseball. The super stick painted white tama is stitched with thin red tracking lines around the 70/30 mark and features a red spot at its apex to hone your tracking.

This Pro mod has custom artwork on the small and big cup and is strung with a long string and a KUSA no tangle bearing.

  • #DwestyMod Features:

    Maplewood Ken, Beechwood Tama
    Shift Ken Shape
    KUSA Bearing to Keep Your String Tangle-Free
    Large Cups for Insane Playability
    White & Red Striped Tama Coated with Super Stick Paint
    Extra Long String
    Custom Art in the Small and Big Cup