Kaizen Halo - 3.0 Shift Shape - SUPER STICK - "Rogue"

€34,95 34,95

Go for it! The Kaizen Super Stick Halos are ready for everything. Their bright yellow Halo tracking line circling the blue tamas speaks for itself. Easy to see, easy to track, and dipped in Kaizen super stick paint for total control. The Kaizen paint allows you to catch and release tricks easily plus it breaks-in to your play style!

Strung up with the Shift Shape ken and longer string, this kendama will help you unlock tricks straight out of the box.

Rogue Features:

  • Shift Shape Ken
  • Beech Tama Coated with Kaizen Super Sticky Paint
  • Made of High-Quality European Beech Wood
  • Kaizen Tracking Logo
  • Large Cups for Insane Playability
  • Arched Cup Rims to Lock-in Stall Tricks
  • Increased Ken and Tama Size from Our 2.0 Shape
  • Chiseled Slip Stop for Precision Stalls