KROM Naked Pelle - Maple

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With the Party Pelle (White) and the Naked Pelle (Natural) almost anything is possible.
The kendamas have been optimized in all areas and is a part of KROM newly upgraded ollection.

In order to make the Naked Pelle, KROM had to invent a unique paint technique. If you look closely at the ball, you will see that what you see beneath the pattern is not a primer but the natural wood grain with a rubber coat. 

The Kendamas
Slip-safe rubber top allowing awesome trick
- Full maple kendama for optimized feel and durability
- Sticky enough for boarder balance while slick enough for lighthouse
- BIgger hole for endless spikes
- KROM Scope Line, so you can always track the hole
- Extra string, stringing tool and sticker
- Unique design on every single kendama
- Designed by 2014 world champ Thorkild May 

The story
"This kendama is desgined as a homage to my good old friend Pelle Hjek, whom I haven't seen in a long time. He has taught me almost everything i know about digital painting and deserves som credit" - Thorkild May