Sweets Prime C V8 - Christian Fraser Throwb

€39,95 39,95

With this series of Prime Customs we decided to throw it back to some of our most classic designs. The original run of Sweets Kendamas Pro Models haven’t been made since 2012, but we wanted to make them available to everyone again.
This Christian Fraser design is a classic 2 color fade to a natty bottom. The gold on top pops against the white, and the natty bottom gives you perfect tracking to land the spike every time. This is a design that has evolved with kendama, so we are excited to show off one of the original variations again.

This tama features Cushion Clear and is paired with a beech Prime Custom ken and strung with a spinner bead. Each Prime Custom tama is hand painted at the Sweets Lab in Minneapolis, MN and may very slightly from the pictures. Prime Custom kendamas include a replacement string, stickers, and instruction booklet.