Wyatt Bray Pro Model - New #BRAYMOD v3

€49,95 49,95

Wyatt Bray has a deep connection to his family's roots from Pendleton, Oregon. The #BRAYMOD features a maple SHIFT Shape Ken and a quad-layer geometric design. The smooth blue triangle graphics on the tama represent courage, power, and wisdom. Located on top of the small cup is a stall triangle tracking burn. Coated in Kaizen sticky paint, the Wyatt Bray Pro Model is designed for maximum play and classic slay. A portion of every sale goes to directly support Wyatt Bray himself.

Wyatt Bray Pro Model Features:

  • Maple wood construction
  • SHIFT Shape Ken Handle
  • Golden sand, yellow, blue and white tama design
  • Double-sided geometric patterns up to the ken
  • Kaizen Sticky Paint
  • Extra Long String with Bearing
  • Improved Weight Ratios between Ken and Tama

Each Pro Model includes an extra-long replacement string, spinner bearing, instructional guide, stringing tool & custom pro stickers.