Zach Magnuson Pro Model Kendama Sticky - #MAGSMOD

€49,95 49,95

Zach Magnuson's Pro Model Kendama is made from maple wood and designed on the Shift Shape Ken. This bright orange blockbuster is inspired by Zach's passions for film making, photography, and kendama. A film reel wraps around the center of the tama to help you stay laser-focused on lacing tricks. The top of the tama features movie reel that serves as an additional tracking point. This Pro model has custom artwork in the big cup, cup rims, and handle. This kendama features a Kaizen base cup hole to help improve lunar balance and is available in both silk and super stick paint options.

 MagsMod Features:

  • Available in Silk or Super Stick Paint
  • Made from Maple Wood
  • Shift Shape Ken with Kaizen Base Cup hole 
  • KUSA Bearing to Keep Your String Tangle-Free
  • Large Cups for Insane Playability
  • Highly Visible Orange & White Tama
  • Extra-Long Orange String for Juggles

"Over the past 3 years, I've been at college studying photography and videography. The only reason I even started using a camera was for Kendama. From filming edits to taking photos of setups, I grew to love photography and videography as much as I love Kendama. Immediately when I started to design my Pro Model I knew my inspiration was going to come from these two other passions. Thank you to everyone that has supported me on my journey so far, and I hope you guys enjoy the #MagsMod as much as I do!"

Much Love,

- Zach Magnuson