Do you ship to my country?

We ship globally - there are several shipping options available for each of the regions. Please read the shipping policy before placing the order to choose the right shipping option for you.

If your destination country is not listed within drop down, please contact customer support or call +371 2330 7777 

How fast do you process the order?

We typically ship out the goods already the next business day after order confirmed - please note that we operate GMT+2 time zone. 

How long does the shipping take?


Standard delivery time in BUSINESS DAYS (weekends and holidays excluded) from the moment of ship-out:

DHL EXPRESS DPD/VENIPAK  A Priority Mail B Simple Mail
European Union 1-2 3-8 5-15 7-45
United Kingdom 1-3 Not Available 8-20 15-45
Rest of Europe 2-3 Not Available 8-15 10-45
North America 2-6 Not Available 10-25 15-45
Japan 2-6 Not Available 5-15 8-45
Rest of Asia 3-6 Not Available 10-35 15-45
South America 3-7 Not Available 10-35 15-45
Oceania 3-7 Not Available 10-35 15-45
Africa 2-7 Not Available 10-35 15-45
Islands and Remote areas Not Available Not Available 10-45 15-45



NB! Please note that due to #COVID-19 global pandemic - delivery times could vary from region to region if you go for Mail delivery (please take on account your local situation as the last mile delivery is done by your local POST service). 

Omniva / DHL Express / DPD / Venipak delivery work smoothly during pandemics (slight 1-2 days delay could occur).

Mail shipping (both Priority and Simple Mail) in some cases can take up to 60 days right now. We can not control local post operations at destination country.

If possible we strongly suggest to go for DHL / DPD / Venipak / Omniva delivery option.

Can I check the status of my international order?

From 20th of January 2022 all orders from OKendama has tracking available. To check the status of your order or track your package, please login to your account and scroll down to “Order Status”. You will receive tracking number based on your shipping choice once your order is fulfilled.

Please note that Mail (A/B) Delivery options DO NOT provide any tracking between countries, e.g. you will see package tracking only in dispatch and destination countries.


How much for the shipping? 

Shipping cost highly depend on your shipping region as well as package weight (influence Mail shipping method) and your chosen shipping method. Our basic shipping rates start from:

  • Latvia - 2,75 (Omniva pick-up points)
  • Baltics - €3,75 (Omniva pick-up points)
  • European Union - Starting from €6,95 (B Simple Mail) / €8,95 (A Priority Mail)
  • Rest of Europe - Starting from €7,95 (B Simple Mail) / €9,95 (A Priority Mail)
  • USA / Canada - Starting from €7,95 (B Simple Mail) / €9,95 (A Priority Mail)
  • Rest of the World - Starting from €8,95 (B Simple Mail) / €9,95 (A Priority Mail)

 Free Shipping (Simple Mail ) in EU for all orders over €99,99

-50% fastest shipping by DHL Express Globally for all orders over €99,99


Is my package insured? What to do if it does not delivered within a reasonable time-frame? 

DHL Express, Venipak, DPD, Omniva shipments are trackable and fully insured. If there's any meaningful delay or you think that package could be lost, please revert to customer service team by emailing to

NB! Please note if you choose B Simple Mail - there's no package insurance available. Any package damage or loss is sole customer responsibility. 

Who should I contact with questions about my international order?

All inquiries regarding your international order should be directed to the customer service team by emailing to

Can I return my international order?

Yes, we do accept international returns. However, please be advised that the customer is responsible for all return shipping costs. Simply email us at to notify us of your return and then send your return package to the following address:


SmartRobby SIA

Dzirciema iela 119B,

Riga, LV-1055, Latvia



NB! For orders done before 20th of January 2022 using non-tracked Global Mail delivery - same conditions as per B Simple Mail apply.

Effective from 20.01.2022. up until further change