WHITE WALKER - NEO Maple - Upside Down

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White Walker - Natural Birch Ply wood / Maple Neo

Kendama had been fully Crafted in Europe at OKendama workshop (O!Captain):
Ken - ecologically glued natural European BIRCH veneer! Tama - Fully hand-painted and NEO cleared European Maple wood tama, engraved with Upside Down design (by @Bananachill). 


  • 1pc European Birch PLY wood Ken / Maple Wood tama 62mm
  • 23mm Tama bevel;
  • Milky white with Red top and Blue bottom tracking;
  • Upside Down design engravings around the tama;
  • Signature NEO clear finish;
  • Shiny matte look / smooth matte feel - extra grip;
  • String pack + metal bearing spinner;
  • Special cotton bag;
  • Weight range: ~80g Ken / Tama

Please note that all the work is hand-processed and each and every wood cut is also unique from density, weight and other aspects so there are no 2 identical products. 

Be aware! 
Not suitable for children younger than 36 months.  

Designed in tiny Latvia where people are used to looking at things more closely. We polish, we angle, we untangle and we fine-tune until everything is just right. We pay attention to every detail and present you a new perspective of Slay!