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Kendama trip in Elva, Jõhvi and next to border of Russia in Narva

On 5th of February Okendama crew went to Elva Gumnassium.

The event consisted of multiple challenges : a spike off, unicorn challenge, candlestick battle and guessing game. We had two groups and over 80 school students joined. All the kids who first time tried kendama got instructions and they learned their first basic tricks. Of course Okendama team suprised all the kids with some presents and prizes. 

After Elva we stopped in Tartu. As always we posted on story a place where was hidden treasure - Kendama.


We were on a open road and asked kids on @okendamas instagram, where they prefer to meet us, lot of them answered: Jõhvi! So thats were we stopped for a quick jam with local kids. Introduced to ourselves, showed some skills and of course did speed ladder, to see who is the best player in Johvi.

Second day we had three events in two different schools in Narva. With more than 200 kids. All the kids were super excited. Of course a lot of challenges, prizes, photos, signings. Together with kids we believe that we made one of biggest hypes around Estonia. 

Thanks to Okendama Crew, Narva, Johvi, Tartu, Valka, Elva and of course Banana Chill!

The biggest trend you already know - Kendama!!!



  • Feb 19, 2020
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