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Natty November - pure Kendama month!

You may have heard kendama players throughout the community talking about Natty November and been confused. Look no further as this post is going to break down everything you need to know about November’s challenge. Natty November is a challenge similar to 28 tricks later, created for the purpose of helping the community grow and exposing it to new styles of play. The core of the challenge is to use an uncoated or ‘Natty’ tama for the whole month of November, breaking it in and leveling up along with the set up. Beyond just being a clever pun, this challenge allows you to commit to breaking in a full natty set up, which many would consider to be the most honed after the proper amount of TLC.

Why participate in this challenge? Trying this challenge out, especially if you have never played an unpainted tama will really change your outlook on kendama. Feeling the tama break in and develop more natural tack and stickiness over the course of time is very rewarding; on top of that, attempting tricks that are easier with modern day sticky paint is very humbling on a fresh natty tama. In a way, natty November is like training with ankle weights, or swinging a heavier bat in the on deck circle before you’re up to the plate.

            On top of the undeniable benefits to your play, posting for Natty November is an easy way to get more involved in the Instagram Kendama community. The hashtag will be sure to connect players attempting the challenge and the Oken-club will also be talking about and hyping up club members who are attempting to complete the challenge. Be sure to commend your fellow player, ask a question or for advice at any point during the month!

Kendama is all about community.


/Nick Spitz/

  • Nov 04, 2022
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