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OGang Amanda Rachel - shotgun interview

Get to know Amanda-Rachel!

Amanda is the first Female player to be sponsored by Okendamas as well as the first North American player! Amanda has quickly become a beacon of positivity in the community through her frequent community interaction and all around good vibes. Amanda has been an integral part of the Okendamas story in North America. Both a vendor of crystals and Okendamas; Amanda-Rachel is one of the best names to get acquainted with in the North American and specifically East Coast kendama scene. Below is a sort of shotgun-style interview by Nick, allowing you to get to know our very own @ARC.Angel.Dama a bit better. 

N: Where can people reach out and connect with you?

A: People can reach out to me through Instagram @ARC.Angel.Dama or check out my online crystal shop at @arc.crystals. 

N: Where are you from?

A: I am from Northern New Jersey. But I travel to New York and Miami frequently. 

N: How long have you been playing Kendama?

A: I’ve been playing Kendama for 2 years now! 

N: How did you come into contact with Kendama for the first time?

A: I came in contact through Kendama by seeing Austin Donovan whirlwind on IG. My stepkids synchronistically got one for me. 

N: What's your favorite trick to do when the camera isn’t rolling?

A: My favorite trick when no one is looking is double whirlwind.

N: Who inspires you to keep progressing?

A: My girlfriend, Chloe inspires me to keep progressing in Kendama. She is my biggest cheerleader. Without her I wouldn’t be where I am. She saw from the beginning how beneficial Kendama was for me. She pushes me to just have fun and find my flow! 

N: Some upcoming goals of yours?

A: Some of my goals for this coming year is to work on my flow, make a new Kendama edit, and complete Natty November.

Amanda-Rachel is well on track to become a community leader as well as a cornerstone of the Okendamas story in North America. Her kindness, generosity and love for the game make her one of the best fits for Okendamas and one of the most exciting players to watch! Find Amanda’s newest edit here:



/Nick Spitz/

  • Nov 04, 2022
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