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Kendama event in Pärnu with Okendama team

18th of october, Okendama, Pärnu. 

On this rainy day Okendama crew got invited to organize the very first Kendama event in Pärnu, this time it was at Pärnu Old Town Elementary School.

There were already a lot of students waiting for us to arrive at the schoolyard, and when we entered assembly hall there were about 250 children eagerly waiting for the event.

As always, we introduced everyone to kendama culture, history and stories about how we started Okendama movement and events.
We divided all students into two groups
A group of beginners who had to get done all the basic tricks to get the prizes.

And the ones who already knew all the basic tricks. We played a lot of mini games and game of ken, after that we rewarded all the winners and participants, had coffee with the teachers, agreed on the next event in this school and went to see center of Pärnu.

Also this time our Okendama team players: Roberts, Ervīns and Verners filmed their ordinary daily tricks while explored the center.
After eating we went to the next event, which was held at Raba 5 skate hall.

All the Okendama members had a chance to try out some extreme sports as well. Thankfully without any injuries we were finally ready to start our second event of the day.

We had an amazing jam with bunch of local people. We played game of ken, did several speed ladders, mini games announced all the winners, rewarded them and that was it for this day.
Thank you : Raba 5, Pēteris from BananaChill, Old Town Elementary School and all the participants.
See you very soon Pärnu


  • Oct 29, 2019
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