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DMITRY KUZMIN aka @Moscowslayer is #OGang member!

He's real European Kendama OG - one of the best players in Europe with amazing flow and technic - just watch it yourself: 


I am 29 years old - real OG as I bought my first kendama already in 2009. I played since the summer of 2009 around one year, then my friend suggested making an application for an iPhone about kendama - yes, it was the first generation of iPhones back than but when we did it I somehow lost interest in kendama. Took a break for 4 years but in 2015 I met a dude in the subway with kendama and he told me and showed that there is KWC and in Moscow there is a club where they get together for jam and at that moment i started to play full time! 24/7!

My very first kendama was a Chinese made with a curved spike, like 15 cm in size, a little less than the standard shorter for like 7$. But that's how it all started.

I love sports - been playing tennis for 6years. Wanted to become a football star but I was too old to start it at age of 10. There was a year on cross-country skiing, wushu and sambo. Actively skated inline rollerblades but injury left me out from pro career and now I'm fully dedicated into kendama. The first video edit with kendama that I saw - there was a video of kendama USA with top rollers from a tour of Japan.

Yank it!!!


  • Oct 25, 2020
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