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The biggest Kendama event in Europe hosted by Okendama
On april 6, 

The Domina Kendama Open

After two months of preparation, planning and organization, the long awaited moment came and the biggest Kendama event of the year could finally take a place. Already before registration around 200 participants were waiting to apply for registration, and by the end of the day there were more than 400 registered players. This event was attended by participants from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Germany, America, and Sweden.

For this event also a big turning point was our invited guests, Latvian rap star Reiks, who also hosted the event and introduced with Kendama's anthem in real life. Dyland Westmoreland (Dwesty) and Bryan Scagline (Scags) were a huge impact on kids. Besides those main competitions, they organized a lot of mini games, also signed Kendamas, took a lot of pictures, played Game Of Ken with participants and were a role models for kids. 

The kids average age between nine and twenty years old, played in three different competitions formats: beginner knock out,  intermediate knock out and advanced speed trick.

 Four international TV broadcast stations were invited to cover the event for the recap. Of course the Domina shopping mall, which provided the perfect event location for an Kendama event in such a large scale, did do his part as well, and communicated the event through all media channels possible.





  • Sep 09, 2019
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